About Our Mission:

In 2015, we celebrated turning two and made this documentary. Some faces, our location and business has changed with time but the mission remains the same.

Solutions Journalism

In 2016, we made the decision to pursue Solutions Journalism as a core part of our work. We felt that telling the whole story was a matter of not simply highlighting the problem but going well beyond to research what other cities, counties and nations were doing about complex problems. It has resulted in a rewarding series of projects

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When the river rises: a new york times top solutions story of 2016

PRESS: David Borenstein wrote, '“Around the country, a common environmental story is how communities are responding to local climate change effects. In Richland County, Ohio, for example, flooding has been growing more frequent and severe for a decade, a mounting problem that extends across the Midwest. In “When the River Rises,” Dillon Carr, a reporter for The Richland Source, examines in painstaking detail the effect of floods on farmland, how government policies and Environmental Protection Agency rules constrain and frustrate farmers who want to do something about that, and how watershed conservancy subdistricts have been shown to be a workable and affordable solution.”

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Hunger in the heartland

Launched in 2017, "Hunger in the Heartland" provided citizens of Mansfield, Ohio with a general understanding of the region's food insecurity, an outline of the work that's been done to fight the insecurity, and finally - provided a list of solutions for the general public. Lead Reporter: Emily Dech. The Full Series

Rising from Rust: Our region and its new economic identity

Over the course of 2018-2019, reporters Tracy Geibel and Brittany Schock engaged with readers, collaborated with other entities and explained some of the most intriguing ideas in a Solutions Journalism project focused on the next economic step for what has often been called the “Rust Belt” region. The Full Series

Healing Hope: named the country’s top piece of solutions journalism in 2017

PRESS: Solutions Journalism wrote, “(Brittany) Schock’s research into infant mortality began in the spring of 2016, when managing editor Larry Phillips brought a unflattering statistic to her attention: Richland County was ranked last among Ohio’s 88 counties for infant mortality. That jumped out at Phillips from a visiting politician’s stump speech, and he mentioned it to Schock. “The particular stat that he cited wasn’t accurate, but yet it was still significant enough that it really begged for us to call attention to it,” Phillips says.”